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Top Brands in Colorado for Full Spectrum Concentrates

Feb 13

Some of the best full spectrum cannabis concentrate products in the country are available at Denver dispensaries. Everyone may find a concentrate that suits them, from waxes and shatters to oils and live resins. In this article, we'll look at some of the most well-known Full Spectrum Extraction companies that are available in Denver.

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates

In the early years of cannabis legalization, THC was the main focus. THC concentration raises the quality of the buds. However, as we have gained more knowledge about our beloved plant, we have realized that cannabis is more nuanced than simply THC.

While THC is still the main draw for many cannabis users, curiosity in the other compounds in cannabis plants is growing. It has been shown that terpenes and important cannabinoids like CBD and CBN affect the experience of cannabis consumption.

The term "full-spectrum" has been created to describe the range of compounds present in cannabis. Full-spectrum cannabis extracts are becoming more and more popular because to their potential benefits and, in some cases, stronger high. Not all concentrations, however, are full-spectrum. Therefore, it's important to be aware of what to look for when buying cannabis concentrates.

Brands of Full Spectrum Extraction Concentrate

Which full-spectrum cannabis extracts from Denver's companies are the best? Check out some of our favorites right now.

Harmony Extracts

Harmony Extracts was formed in 2015 with the sole intention of producing cannabis concentrates of the highest quality and potency. They transform cannabis plants into premium goods using state-of-the-art medical-grade gear and a unique solvent mix to build an unequaled reputation for excellence.

The Lab

The Lab specializes in mild hydrocarbon extraction and produces cannabis concentrates including Live Resin Canary Diamonds, Live Resin Sauce, Live Resin Sugar, Live Resin Batter, and Budder. They were the first company in Colorado to sell PAX Era-compatible Budder, Budder extract, Live Resin, and Distillate pods.


According to Ascend, they provide a fantastic variety of chemicals. Without using any solvents, their cannabis terpenes provide a distinct taste and smell.

The "entourage effect," a medicinal and recreational experience that is substantially superior than the sum of its parts, is created by Ascend's proprietary formulae, which ensure that terpenes and cannabinoids are working together.


The same quality, organic plants that are utilized to make Rick Simpson Oil by LePow are also used to make all of their live rosin products. Because of their unusual terpene profiles, trichrome structures, and propensity for ice-water extraction, they employ specific cannabis strains to manufacture their rosin.

LePow rosin is distinct from other companies in that it doesn't prematurely harvest its plants in order to make synthetically white rosin. Golden trichomes are prized for their whole cannabinoid profile, which is something LePow's method doesn't compromise. When it comes time to harvest, their top grower chooses the finest plants for cryogenic freezing. During the extraction procedure, all of the plants are promptly frozen and kept at a subzero temperature.

Regardless of the brand you choose, we advocate full-spectrum concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur looking to get the most out of their concentrates. Denver has so many top-notch brands that you may be sure to locate one that suits your demands.

Which brand of full-spectrum cannabis concentrate is your preferred one? Post a comment below and tell us!

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