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The Detailed Guide to Rolling the Ideal Joint

Jan 17

To enjoy cannabis, nothing compares to smoking a joint, which remains one of the most popular techniques. However, rolling a quality joint might be difficult. You can make a large mess and run out of marijuana if you don't do it correctly! In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to roll your joints like cannabis pre-rolls.

Joint Rolling: A Vanished Craft

Prior to the legalization of marijuana, any stoner worth his weight in schwag could roll a mean joint. Due to the availability of pre-rolled joints and alternative methods of cannabis consumption, many modern users are likely unfamiliar with the process of rolling their own joints.

Those who are unable to roll their own joints are not excluded from today's cannabis culture. There are goods such as rose petal blunts, oil-wrapped pre-rolls, and joints studded with THC diamonds for individuals who cannot do it themselves. However, there is something soul-satisfying about being able to build your own joint. Every success has a slightly different flavor now that it has been gained more honestly. Regardless of how long you've been a cannabis consumer, it's never too late to roll your first joint.

Guide to Joint Rolling

Rolling a joint involves six processes. Ensure you have all the necessary materials before beginning this procedure:

  • Your preferred cannabis strain
  • Cones for pre-rolled cigarettes or rolling sheets.
  • Crutch
  • Grinder

Crush Your weed

First, the cannabis must be ground. If the plant has been thoroughly dried, it will crumble easily. If you use the grinder, your hands will not sweat and stick to the rolling paper. If you do not have a grinder, you can alternatively use scissors or a set of keys to cut the cannabis into smaller bits.

By reducing any sharp edges or stems that could potentially damage the pre-roll or rolling paper, grinding the product creates a texture that is more suitable for pressing against the fragile paper.

Create a Filter or Crutch

If you are using rolling papers, you must build a crutch, also known as a "filter" or "tip," after grinding the cannabis. You will need thin cardboard or an equivalent material. This crutch is attached to the rolling paper at one end. To create a junction with the required thickness, begin by folding your paper in accordion fashion near the end. When smoking a joint, the purpose of the filter is to keep the smoke from escaping. It also helps maintain the structural performance of your product.

Roll it up and Store it

Purchased cones from Frost, another dispensary, or a neighborhood smoke shop generally include a small plastic tube to retain their shape. This gadget can be used as a packer to fill the pre-roll cone efficiently. Something long and thin, such as a chopstick or pencil eraser, can also serve as a substitute for a straw.

Begin by compressing a little quantity of cannabis at the bottom of the paper cone near the crutch. For an evenly rolled junction, it is necessary to compact the cone's base. If this component is not packed properly, the entire joint may collapse and break at the bottom.

Using rolling papers simplifies this process. Simply roll the paper between your fingers until a cone shape is formed.

Rock and Roll or Twist and Shout

The penultimate step in rolling papers is crucial, as the manner in which a joint is rolled substantially affects its quality. Before rolling your joint, take careful to tuck the unglued portion of the paper into the wrap. Lastly, roll to secure the top edge (leave a tiny gap at the end). Use the filter side first because it is easier to tuck and seal.

When utilizing pre-roll cones, leave the top portion of the paper blank in order to effectively seal it. To create a wick, roll the paper between your thumb and index finger in a single direction until the joint reaches its final shape.

Initial Strike

To celebrate the accomplishment of your creation, it is time to take a well-earned drag. When lighting the wick, avoid coming into contact with the cannabis. Before passing a wooden match, ensure that it is entirely extinguished.

Savor the flavor of your perfectly rolled joint. You did well! Because you are a master joint roller, you may now enjoy your rewards.

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