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How often do you have to renew your medical card?

Aug 3

Most states require that medical marijuana patients renew their medical cards each year. You will be unable to purchase medical marijuana products if your card is expired. You must have a valid medical card to buy cannabis products from licensed dispensaries.

Learn how to renew a medical marijuana card. This includes renewal costs and step-by-step guidance.


How often do I have to renew my medical card?

In most states, your medical marijuana card must be renewed at least once every 12 months. It is important not to wait to renew your medical marijuana card. Most states take a while to complete the renewal process. It is best to begin your renewal process 30 days before the expiration of your medical card. Some states allow you to renew up to 60 days prior to your card expiring.


Medical card renewal costs

Renewing a medical card costs less than the initial cost of getting a card. Some states do not require you to obtain a card from the state. There is also no renewal fee beyond your renewal certificate. Other states may charge up to $200 for medical card renewal. The average cost of renewing a medical marijuana card ranges between $75 and $100. All states are different and subject to change. For the most current prices, you can visit our state pages.


Is it necessary to make a doctor's appointment for renewal?

To renew your medical marijuana card, only a few states require you to make an appointment with a doctor. You may be able to schedule a Telehealth appointment in most states.

Your doctor will assess you in person or remotely and make a recommendation for renewal. You will be approved again if you have been approved previously. The decision of your healthcare provider will be based on whether you have a qualifying condition. However, these eligibility criteria are constantly changing. Let's say your healthcare provider recommends that you renew. If your healthcare provider recommends you for renewal, you can send a renewal request to the appropriate authorities in your State (note that not all states have additional requirements other than receiving your certificate directly from your provider).

You will need to bring the following documents to your medical exam:

  • Driver's license or another government-issued photo ID
  • Medical records are optional in most states but required in certain states.

Also, you'll need to talk about any medical issues that you are experiencing and update your doctor regarding any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications you have been using.

How to renew your medical marijuana card

It is easy to renew your medical marijuana card. There are only a few steps involved.


Step 1

You should check the expiration date of your medical card. Some states allow you to renew your card up to 60 days before it expires. It doesn't matter where you live to avoid any gaps in your eligibility to purchase cannabis.


Step 2

To discuss any changes in your health, gather your documentation (ID, medical records). If your healthcare provider approves your renewal, you can proceed to the next step. If your healthcare provider refuses to recommend you for renewal, you will need a reevaluation.


Step 3

If applicable, file your renewal paperwork and pay any renewal fees in your state. You can complete most states' renewal processes online.

You'll receive either a certificate or a card in the mail once you have completed these three steps. Depending on your state setup, you may also be able to access a digital copy.


What to Expect After You Renew

It will usually take between two and four weeks for the state to issue your renewal medical card. To avoid losing your access to medical marijuana products, it is important to renew your medical card as soon as possible. You can still purchase CBD products if you have difficulty accessing marijuana.

Postal staff shortages or other problems could delay your medical card renewal. You can check the status of the medical card application online in some states to get a better idea about when the card will arrive. Digital versions of state cards are becoming more popular. They are easier to issue and can be renewed faster.

Contact your state's issuing authority if you have any problems with your application or receiving your card.


Most Frequently Asked Questions


What is the validity of a med card?

Most medical marijuana cards last for one year. You will need to renew your card in the issuing state after one year. Some states offer cards that are valid for three years. Some states allow certification for only three months.


What happens if your medical card is lost?

Your medical marijuana card will expire, and you won't be allowed to purchase CBD. Customers must present a valid medical card in order to purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries.