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Is medical marijuana an effective treatment for joint pain?

Apr 29


Being in pain in your ankles, shoulders or hips is not easy. This is more prevalent in older people but is also a concern for younger people who have other medical issues. Medical marijuana in Kansas City by 420ID is being recommended as a means to alleviate joint pain. It's an issue that is not well-known and more research is required to determine if it could be utilized for joint pain relief. This is a subject we spent a lot of time studying and the majority of information comes from professionals.

What is the cause of joint pain?

Arthralgia is a term used to describe a condition that causes pain in joints. Arthralgia can be extremely painful or incapacitating. It could disappear over some weeks, but it could last several weeks. There are many conditions that can cause arthritis. Numerous conditions can cause pain in joints.


How medical marijuana can ease stiff joints?

Rheumatoid, an autoimmune condition, that causes joint pain. It means that your body is attacking itself rather than safeguarding itself from viruses and bacteria. In the end, it is quite painful and may cause excessive inflammation because your immune system continues to destroy the soft tissues around the joints.


Experts advise you to embrace marijuana instead of worrying about it. To relieve pain it is possible to use Indica or Sativa. The results are quick and simple. A research study that was published in Rheumatology in 2013 revealed that people with rheumatoid arthritis have more CB2 cannabinoid receptors than patients who suffer from other types of arthritis. CB2 is the principal receptor that assists the body to absorb cannabinoids.


THC, as well as CBD, bind to receptors in the joints, triggering a chain reaction that causes the body to respond. In the end, sufferers may experience relief from pain and inflammation. Cbd oil for shoulder problems softens the joints so you won't be as stiff in the morning. CBD cream can be applied to treat your condition. To decrease swelling, apply the cream to the area affected.

Guidelines for administering medical marijuana to treat joint pain

Smoking and vaping are the most common ways to use medical marijuana to treat joint pain. Talk to your doctor about the best method for you to take medical marijuana.


A topically applied CBD salve is readily available and is similar to Tinger Balm. It's designed to relieve joint discomfort. It is available in dispensaries. However, if you don't live in a state where you are legally recognized then you might have to search. This should not be a problem since most stores offer delivery online.

To assess the effects of CBD and THC on joint pain, you could also try different ratios. Most dispensaries will state the exact percentages of THC and CBD. You can adjust the ratios to combat joint pain.


Medical marijuana is an excellent option for people who suffer from joint pain. It will calm your pain and may also help to eliminate stiffness.



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