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What are the reasons why athletes want medical marijuana cards?

Feb 20

What are the reasons why athletes want medical marijuana cards?

An increasing number of current and former players are worried about cannabis use to ease the pain. They believe it's safer than opioids and is more efficient.

Football is notoriously challenging. The players often suffer painful injuries which lead to prescriptions of high-dose painkillers to treat. In the current state of concern over opioid prescriptions, the players may be winning.

Brain injuries and football

States have passed laws that permit residents to use medical marijuana to ease discomfort and other symptoms. Despite federal bans that prohibit cannabis, states continue to adopt laws. A lot of NFL players are becoming more aware of the negative impacts the sport has on their bodies, and are advocating for policy changes. They hope that their efforts will lead to medical marijuana being recognized as a pain-relieving option and treatment for brain injuries (TBI).


The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines TBI as "when an abrupt trauma can cause brain injury." TBI is a result of professional football players are often subject to serious head injuries and intense play. In April of 2016, the study revealed that up to 40% of former NFL footballers suffered from TBI. This is a lot more than the percentage of non-athletes. Researchers have found a link between the history of a player's play and the likelihood of developing signs of TBI.


This study is the result of increasing awareness of the dangers that footballers are at risk of suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy and trauma (CTE). CTE is a condition that is caused by frequent head injuries and TBIs which eventually cause brain damage. CTE cannot be diagnosed until the body of a dead NFL player is assessed. However, the current and former NFL players show indications of the presence of CTE. Memory loss and degenerative diseases are just two instances.


Cannabis can be used to treat and even prevent discomfort.

Recent research has revealed that medical cannabis could be utilized to treat or stop CTE. This could improve the quality of life of those at risk.


Cannabis may offer advantages in treating brain trauma. Studies have shown that CBD and CBD stimulate brain receptors which help protect the brain from damage after an injury to the brain that is chronic or acute. The chemicals in medical cannabis can serve as a protection factor before and the following trauma. They can also reduce the effects of trauma.


The legalization of recreational marijuana is becoming well-known in states. The consumer must decide whether they wish to buy medical or recreational cannabis products. Since it's distinct, athletes choose medical marijuana over recreational marijuana.

Why should you choose to go with medical instead of recreational?

There are many reasons athletes may choose medicinal marijuana over recreational marijuana. First, consider that athletes frequently travel. Certain states have not yet allowed recreational marijuana to be used for any purpose. Some states do not allow the use of marijuana in this manner. The first athletes to utilize the medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri. It's still illegal to use recreational marijuana. States that require those who intend to travel to them get an ID card. Certain states permit cardholders with medical marijuana to buy cannabis outside of their state. If you travel often, medical marijuana can be an appealing option.

It is easier and more affordable to purchase items

Another reason to opt for medicinal cannabis over recreational is that it's more affordable. The initial price of the card and its associated services can be costly, however, the 420 cannabis card can help you save in the long run through regulated pricing and more convenient access. Although certain states have stricter laws on recreational marijuana, other states might be more flexible and have lower costs. Furthermore, medical marijuana dispensaries are more secure than dispensaries for recreational use. Since they are more mature and more equipped to handle rapid increases in demand, medical marijuana dispensaries are more secure than recreational ones. This makes it simpler to locate the best items for athletes. Medical marijuana cards are a benefit.


Athletes can access safer products and the choice to select from a greater selection of products. Medical products are subject to stringent guidelines. There are special products available to treat specific needs or illnesses. It's easier to go to a medical store than go to a store for recreational purposes.


It's not just for athletes.

This trend isn't only for athletes. Medical marijuana has become a favorite choice for a lot of people across the world.

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